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Associate Professor Nick Scott

Head, Modelling & Biostatistics
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Current Projects
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Using mathematical models to generate evidence to support Australia’s COVID-19 responses and prepare for future pandemics PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Tools for the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (Kenya, Myanmar and Senegal) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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COVID-19 modelling (Covasim) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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The International Collaboration on Hepatitis C Elimination in HIV Cohorts (InCHEHC) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Preventing malaria transmission in high-risk populations PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Gender Counts: a quantitative assessment of gender inequality and its impacts on girls and boys in Asia and the Pacific PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Modelling for evidence-based national hepatitis B testing plans PROJECT Arrow Icon
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HCV Elimination Modelling PROJECT Arrow Icon
Past Projects
SimDrink: Using simulation modelling to perform alcohol policy experiments PROJECT Arrow Icon
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The elimination of hepatitis C as a global public health threat PROJECT Arrow Icon
Optimise Logo On White 11.29.18 Am
The Optimise Study: Optimising Isolation, Quarantine and Distancing for COVID-19 PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Implementing the WHO Labour Care Guide to reduce the use of Caesarean section in four hospitals in India PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Modelling hepatitis C virus elimination and control policies in Myanmar PROJECT Arrow Icon