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Impact Stories

Explore Burnet's progress and journey through this unique series of impact stories.

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Protecting Mothers & Babies: Evidence-Based Action

Burnet maintains a focus on developing and evaluating new interventions to address the most pressing...

IMG 1669 Mark Stoové
Progress Against HIV: Clinical & Community-led Breakthroughs

Through the years, Burnet’s medical researchers and public health experts have continued to collabor...

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Responding to COVID-19: Taking a Leadership Role

Burnet’s innovative and evidence-based public health and laboratory-led COVID-19 research initiative...

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Community Collaborations in Tibet: Working in Complex Locations

Burnet’s experiences in Tibet and parts of China demonstrate a commitment to working with communitie...

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Tuberculosis In Papua New Guinea: Technical Assistance Program

Western Province is now making significant progress against TB. Despite ongoing challenges with drug...

P7 Replace Peer Counsellors Lucy Dai And Jenny Bodolo
Best-Practice Interventions in Asia: Sharing Knowledge with the Region

In the 1990s, Burnet focused on reducing the risk of harm to PWID by introducing needle exchange pro...

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Disaster Recovery in Myanmar: Multi-Agency Coordination

In 2008, Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, causing upheaval in the lives of over 2 million people, and kil...

Copy Of Malaria Parasite Invading Red Blood Cells BRAND Image
Eliminating Malaria: Getting Back on Track

Burnet researchers have led significant discoveries that have proven pivotal in developing next gene...

Hepatitis C And People Who Inject Drugs: Breakthrough Knowledge

Burnet now plays a key implementation role, leading an alliance of researchers, public health specia...