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At Burnet, we believe a better world depends on greater health equity. We are committed to creating and translating knowledge into better health, so no one is left behind.

We are always searching for individuals who imagine new possibilities, love to collaborate, and care about improving the health of vulnerable communities. 

Learn more about our current job opportunities below and join our team today.

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Open Positions

Country Director, Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby CO - Contract
Consultant, GEDSI Analysis
Melbourne/Flexible CO - Contract
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The Burnet

We want you to have a successful and meaningful career at Burnet. We are committed to providing a supportive, inclusive workplace environment for all our people. One that encourages personal and professional growth.


Staff Benefits

We want to ensure our staff enjoy a working environment that fulfils both their personal and professional needs. Staff can access a range of benefits from salary packaging to counselling services to training and development opportunities.

You will be able to package up to AUD$15,900 for general living expenses. This means part of your annual salary can be taken as a tax-free benefit, giving you a higher take home pay. Further tax savings can be made by salary packaging meals and entertainment, accommodation and venue hire. For further information visit the SmartSalary website:

We understand that juggling family/home responsibilities and work can be challenging. Our staff can negotiate with their managers to have greater flexibility in their working hours. This includes flexible start and finish times, purchasing leave, and part-time opportunities.

Training is important to opening up new career opportunities, but it is also key to ensuring work is challenging and satisfying. Some of our training opportunities include:

  • Conference attendance
  • Institute-wide seminars in life sciences, public health and international development research
  • Internal and external training programs, and
  • Online training covering topics such as health and safety, equal opportunity, bullying and social media.

At Burnet, we want to support employees managing professional and parental duties. That’s why we offer 14 weeks of paid parental leave for eligible staff, in addition to the Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

 Our parental leave policy also includes the following:

  1. No qualifying period in order to be eligible to take parental leave.
  2. No distinction between primary & secondary carers. Either carer is entitled to the full amount of parental leave.
  3. Employer superannuation contribution paid on both the paid and unpaid components of the leave.

Burnet aims to provide workplace benefits that add value and support to your life, both in and out of the workplace. This program is a free, confidential counselling service for all staff and their immediate family members. EAP counselling may assist in clarifying a problem, identifying options and developing plans to approach difficult issues. Counselling can take place on the phone, face-to-face or online.

Our active social club organises inclusive events for staff throughout the year. Examples include Connect (workplace social media platform), Craft Club, Coding and Software Club, and the Burnet Book Club!

Our head office is located in a great area, a 10-minute walk from Prahran Market and Prahran train station, and a 15-minute walk to Chapel Street. We are also just across the road from Fawkner Park, which has 40 hectares of beautifully maintained open green space and walking paths.

We take career development seriously and we want to support our staff to upskill and enhance their learning. We provide up to 5 days of study leave per semester and 4 days of examination leave per annum for eligible staff members.

Career Pathways

Gabbi Hamilton
Gabbi Hamilton

Gabbi shares how to make the most of your project support role. Read more.

Jenny Cao
Jenny Cao

Jenny shares what brought her to Burnet, and the opportunities that have come her way. Read more...

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Dr Riya Palchaudhuri

Riya takes us through her journey from Burnet PhD student to Business Development Manager. Read more...

Application Tips

Job applications can be tricky. Here are some useful tips to help you create your application.

When determining whether to apply for a position, ensure that you read the job advertisement and position description (PD) carefully. Ask yourself:

  • Do I meet the key selection criteria in the PD and the requirements listed in the job ad?
  • Do I possess an appropriate amount of relevant experience and qualifications to demonstrate my suitability?
  • What documents do I need to prepare for my application (outlined in the ‘How to Apply’ section of the advertisement).
  • Present your application in a succinct and simple manner that is easy to read.
  • Be consistent in formatting throughout your application. Use the same professional font and style across all documents.
  • Use a separate heading for each criteria.
  • Support each claim with evidence e.g. I have 3+ years experience working in customer service roles. In my role at [insert organisation/position], I [insert actions and results].
  • Write in a clear and concise manner. Aim for 1 to 2 paragraphs per criteria or use dot points.
  • Use correct grammar. Your written communication will be assessed from your responses. Ask someone else to proofread your responses to reduce mistakes you may have missed.
  • If there is only one criteria that you don’t currently have the skills and experience for, tell us about how you would gain that skill, or provide evidence of your ability to upskill quickly.
  • Pick two or three main skills or capabilities highlighted in the job advertisement, then provide examples of times you have demonstrated them previously.
  • Showcase your enthusiasm for the role and outline any traits you believe sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Tell us about your interest in Burnet and why you would like to work for us.
  • Use direct and concise language, avoiding overly long sentences or fancy words. Keep the length to one page maximum.
  • Use headings and subheadings. Ensure that the layout is clear, simple and easy to read.
  • When drafting your employment history section, ensure each entry outlines your role title, company, and employment period in a clear and easy to read format.
  • Outline relevant achievements for each role where feasible.
  • Keep it brief. For most roles we recommend 2 to 3 pages maximum. Give more space to detail about your current, most recent, or relevant jobs and less about older unrelated roles.
  • Consider including a profile statement at the start of your resume. This can outline your core skill set/experience, career goals and what you are passionate about.
  • Ensure your resume is tailored to the role that you are applying for.
  • Keep personal details to a minimum. Email and phone details are sufficient.
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.
  • In need of a resume refresh? You can access a range of resume templates through Microsoft Word, simply navigate to File > New > Search ‘Resume’ in online templates.

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