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In our labs and in the field, Burnet has been responsible for knowledge gains and innovations that have changed the way global health challenges are managed. But our role isn’t simply to come up with technical solutions. It’s to make sure those solutions are reaching the people who need them most. Explore the resources below to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and the difference it's making towards a more equitable world.

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Burnet is an Australian-based medical research and public health institute and international non-government organisation that is working towards a more equitable world through better health.

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Ensuring global health and gender equity by overcoming menstrual health challenges
28 May 2023 News Post
Thumbnail AGM
A year of growth and ambition
18 May 2023 News Post
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Burnet Institute statement of support for the Voice to Parliament
18 May 2023 News Post
HR23 Unitaid Funding Announcement
Burnet is part of global effort to prevent hepatitis C
12 May 2023 News Post
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Eliminating hepatitis C with the help of our nurses – International Nurses Day
12 May 2023 News Post
Dreamstime L 124612591 Mother Baby (For Credit Prot Tachapanit)
A package of high quality care can prevent preterm birth and its long-lasting harms
11 May 2023 News Post
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Drug treatment funding welcomed
10 May 2023 News Post
Fleming Fund Thumbnail (2)
UK Secretary of State visits PNG’s Fleming Fund antimicrobial resistance data surveillance project
08 May 2023 News Post
Dreamstime Xxl 163889425 Neerajcharurvedi
Review considers when is best to administer antenatal corticosteroids
02 May 2023 News Post
Burnet Visual Identity Thumbnail (2)
Burnet Institute is proud to share our new visual identity
01 May 2023 News Post
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We provide the next generation of lab-based researchers and public health + international development experts with opportunities to extend your skills and deepen their experience through our Honours, Masters and PhD programs. Students train with internationally recognised experts and gain valuable feedback in student-focussed seminars and symposia. Along the way, they also have exposure to our uniquely integrated workplace, and nurturing culture.