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"It is still very little; I cannot pass it on": a qualitative study of experiences of diagnosis and treatment of acute HIV infection in Eswatini.

Mukooza E, Schausberger B, Mmema N, Dlamini V, Aung A, Kerschberger B, Ciglenecki I, Dube L, Wringe A

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Police drug seizures cannot solve the problem of toxic drug supply in North America.

Dietze P

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The unfinished agenda of communicable diseases among children and adolescents before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1990-2019: a systematic analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.

GBD 2019 Child and Adolescent Communicable Disease Collaborators

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Robust immunity to influenza vaccination in haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients following reconstitution of humoral and adaptive immunity.

Zhang W, Rowntree LC, Muttucumaru R, Damelang T, Aban M, Hurt AC, Auladell M, Esterbauer R, Wines B, Hogarth M, Turner SJ, Wheatley AK, Kent SJ, Patil S, Avery S, Morrissey O, Chung AW, Koutsakos M, Nguyen TH, Cheng AC, Kotsimbos TC, Kedzierska K

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The impact of COVID-19 on trends of violence-related offences in Australia

Miller P, Button K, Taylor N, Coomber K, Baldwin R, Harries T, Patafio B, Guala T, Harris N, Curtis A, Karantzas GC, Staiger PK, de Andrade D.

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COVID-19 disaster recovery capitals: A conceptual framework to guide holistic and strengths-based support strategies

Quinn P, Munari S, Block K, Walker S, Liberman J, Wallace J, Horyniak D, Oliver J, Hellard M, Fletcher-Lartey S, Gibbs L

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