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A Diversity Covering (DiCo) Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen-1 vaccine adjuvanted with RFASE/RSL10 yields high levels of growth-inhibitory antibodies.

Faber BW, Yeoh LM, Kurtovic L, Mol WEM, Poelert M, Smits E, Rodriguez Garcia R, Mandalawi-Van der Eijk M, van der Werff N, Voorberg-van der Wel A, Remarque EJ, Beeson JG, Kocken CHM.

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Characteristics of attrition within the SuperMIX cohort of people who inject drugs: A multiple event discrete-time survival analysis.

Abdelsalam S, Agius PA, Sacks-Davis R, Roxburgh A, Livingston M, Maher L, Hickman M, Dietze P

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Using serological diagnostics to characterize remaining high-incidence pockets of malaria in forest-fringe Cambodia.

Grimée M, Tacoli C, Sandfort M, Obadia T, Taylor AR, Vantaux A, Robinson LJ, Lek D, Longley RJ, Mueller I, Popovici J, White MT, Witkowski B

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WHO hepatitis C elimination targets: the global equity challenge.

Heath K, Hill A

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Accurate determination of house dust mite sensitization in asthma and allergic rhinitis through cytometric detection of Der p 1 and Der p 2 binding on Basophils (CytoBas).

Hsin L, Varese N, Aui PM, Wines BD, von Borstel A, Mascarell L, Hogarth PM, Hew M, O'Hehir RE, van Zelm MC.

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How do postnatal care guidelines in Australia compare to international standards? A scoping review and comparative analysis.

Blair A, Tan A, Homer CSE, Vogel JP

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