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Patients' experience of accessing hepatitis C treatment through the Myanmar national hepatitis C treatment program: a qualitative evaluation.

Draper B, Yee WL, Bowring A, Naing W, Kyi KP, Htay H, Howell J, Hellard M, Pedrana A.

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Strengthening woman-centred care for pregnant women with female genital mutilation in Australia: a qualitative muti-method study.

Turkmani S, Dawson A.

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Development of a cross-sectoral antimicrobial resistance capability assessment framework.

Ferdinand AS, McEwan C, Lin C, Betham K, Kandan K, Tamolsaian G, Pugeva B, McKenzie J, Browning G, Gilkerson J, Coppo M, James R, Peel T, Levy S, Townell N, Jenney A, Stewardson A, Cameron D, Macintyre A, Buising K, Howden BP.

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Cognitive criteria in HIV: greater consensus is needed.

Cysique LA, Brew BJ, Bruning J, Byrd D, Costello J, Daken K, Ellis RJ, Fazeli PL, Goodkin K, Gouse H, Heaton RK, Letendre S, Levin J, Aung HL, Mindt MR, Moore D, Mullens AB, de Almeida SM, Muñoz-Moreno JA, Power C, Robbins RN, Rule J, Rajasuriar R, Savin MJ, Taylor J, Trunfio M, Vance DE, Wong PL, Woods SP, Wright EJ, Rourke SB.

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Changes in incidence of hepatitis C virus reinfection and access to direct-acting antiviral therapies in people with HIV from six countries, 2010-19: an analysis of data from a consortium of prospective cohort studies.

Sacks-Davis R, van Santen DK, Boyd A, Young J, Stewart A, Doyle JS, Rauch A, Mugglin C, Klein M, van der Valk M, Smit C, Jarrin I, Berenguer J, Lacombe K, Requena MB, Wittkop L, Leleux O, Bonnet F, Salmon D, Matthews GV, Guy R, Martin NK, Spelman T, Prins M, Stoove M, Hellard M, InCHEHC Collaboration

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Priority populations' experiences of isolation, quarantine and distancing for COVID-19: protocol for a longitudinal cohort study (Optimise Study).

Pedrana A, Bowring A, Heath K, Thomas AJ, Wilkinson A, Fletcher-Lartey S, Saich F, Munari S, Oliver J, Merner B, Altermatt A, Nguyen T, Nguyen L, Young K, Kerr P, Osborne D, Kwong EJL, Corona MV, Ke T, Zhang Y, Eisa L, Al-Qassas A, Malith D, Davis A, Gibbs L, Block K, Horyniak D, Wallace J, Power R, Vadasz D, Ryan R, Shearer F, Homer C, Collie A, Meagher N, Danchin M, Kaufman J, Wang P, Hassani A, Sadewo GRP, Robins G, Gallagher C, Matous P, Roden B, Karkavandi MA, Coutinho J, Broccatelli C, Koskinen J, Curtis S, Doyle JS, Geard N, Hill S, Coelho A, Scott N, Lusher D, Stoové MA, Gibney KB, Hellard M.

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