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Community perspectives and experiences of quality maternal and newborn care in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

Wilson AN, Melepia P, Suruka R, Hezeri P, Kabiu D, Babona D, Wapi P, Morgan A, Vogel JP, Beeson J, Morgan C, Kelly-Hanku A, Scoullar MJL, Nosi S, Vallely LM, Kennedy E, Bohren MA, Homer CSE

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New medicines for spontaneous preterm birth prevention and preterm labour management: landscape analysis of the medicine development pipeline.

McDougall ARA, Hastie R, Goldstein M, Tuttle A, Ammerdorffer A, Gülmezoglu AM, Vogel JP

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Using the Behaviour Change Wheel and modified Delphi method to identify behavioural change techniques for improving adherence to smoking cessation medications.

Mersha AG, Kennedy M, Eftekhari P, Lee KSK, Upton P, Segan C, Jackson MA, Jennings K, Gould GS

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Correlates of poor oral health related quality of life in a cohort of people who use methamphetamine in Australia.

Abdelsalam S, Livingston M, Quinn B, Agius PA, Ward B, Jamieson L, Dietze P

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Mapping the delivery of interventions for vaccine-preventable infections in pregnancy in Victoria, Australia.

Yussf N, Allard N, Romero N, Wilson A, Wallace J, Perrier M, Rowe S, Morey R, Aykut N, Cowie B

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Quantifying differences in iron deficiency-attributable anemia during pregnancy and postpartum.

Davidson EM, Scoullar MJL, Peach E, Morgan CJ, Melepia P, Opi DH, Supsup H, Hezeri P, Philip W, Kabiu D, Tokmun K, Suruka R, Fidelis R, Elijah A, Siba PM, Pomat W, Kombut B, Robinson LJ, Crabb BS, Kennedy E, Boeuf P, Simpson JA, Beeson JG, Fowkes FJI

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