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at Burnet

In collaboration with our laboratory, clinical and field researchers, we work to achieve real world impact by effectively translating scientific innovation into products or services. To achieve these impacts, our team of commercialisation specialists identify market opportunity, develop business plans, secure external funding, protect intellectual property, and establish industry partnerships.

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Intellectual Property

Our in-house lawyer and patent attorney, provides the specialist expertise required to capture and manage our intellectual property portfolio, which includes, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and designs. 


To drive a sustainable culture of innovation and commercialisation at the Institute, we support our staff by developing their capability and capacity for innovation through education and training opportunities (includes seed funding for promising projects), processes and policies that enable the capture and management of intellectual property, assesses market opportunity and facilitates suitable industry partnerships.

Education and Training

The Innovation Discovery Training Program and IP and Legal Seminars enable our researchers with commercialisation skills to apply to their research.

Invention Disclosure and Protection

Our invention disclosure process is supported by our in-house patent attorney who assesses and guides decisions on filing intellectual property.

Market Opportunity and Business Cases

Our depth of commercialisation expertise allows us to assess market opportunity, build business cases, and identify funding opportunities. 

Industry Partnerships

Partnerships with industry are supported through our broad legal and commercial expertise, which includes negotiation of appropriate agreements. 


We develop technologies that enable breakthroughs in Diagnostics, Antibody Platforms, Therapeutics and Vaccines.


The Burnet Vaccine Initiative (BVI) aims to develop a pipeline of novel vaccines across a variety of modalities (protein, DNA vector, mRNA) through four parallel development streams.


We are developing biologic and small molecule therapeutics that have potential application in women's health, infectious disease & immunological conditions.


The Burnet Diagnostics Initiative (BDI) is producing commercially viable products for unmet health needs. 

Antibody Platforms

We are developing platforms to enhance efficacy of antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, and antibody-like biologics that have potential application in oncology, infectious disease and immunological conditions.