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Associate Professor Nick Scott

Head, Modelling & Biostatistics
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Modelling COVID-19 – Can we predict the future?
Episode 7 07 Sep 2021

In an island-continent like Australia, with a population of almost 26 million, how is the coronavirus likely to spread? And how can transmission be halted? In this episode, you’ll meet Burnet Institute’s Deputy Director, Professor Margaret Hellard AM and Dr Nick Scott, the Head of Modelling. They are part of the team behind the Victorian adaptation of the COVASIM Epidemic model, which was first developed by the Institute for Disease Modelling in the USA. Hear how modelling helps prepare our health system and governments for the likelihood of the virus spreading in the future and the risks around that. It’s what informs intervention strategies like international air travel, lockdowns, social distancing, density limits on cafes and restaurants, and home schooling.