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Discovery + Translation

We perform discovery research in the areas of life sciences, biomedicine, qualitative and quantitative public health research, and implementation sciences.

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Translating medical research into practical health benefits.

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Burnet aims to take discoveries in the laboratory that lead to the identification of novel biomarkers of health and disease and drug targets to inform the development of new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines, and translate these to the clinic or field setting into sustainable solutions to improve health. 

In public health and international development, novel approaches to engaging with affected communities are trialled and translated into sustainable and scalable solutions to improve health outcomes. 

Life sciences is underpinned through our research platforms in biomarker discovery and diagnostics, drug discovery and screening, omics, microscopy, physical containment Level 3 (PC3) laboratories, vaccine development, immunotherapeutics, protein production, and robotics for large scale immunologic and molecular epidemiological studies and trials. 

Our public health research is supported by direct outreach into affected communities and work within local contexts.  Our discoveries are translated into new sustainable solutions to improve health through preclinical and clinical studies, policies and practices.


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