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Community Engagement

Burnet works in partnership with people and affected communities to bring about sustainable change. Our partnership approach encompasses both our research and international development activities, ensuring that our work is embedded in local contexts with a focus on gender equity and inclusiveness.

 We understand that achieving better and sustainable health outcomes for all depends on the central involvement and leadership of communities in framing health priorities and developing solutions. Our focus is on not only ensuring our work is aligned to local health, social and economic priorities, but shifting power imbalances to support community-led approaches.

Our approach includes working with communities to identify health priorities and inform study and program design, through to co-design and community-centric participatory approaches. We work directly with affected communities who are most impacted by health inequities, particularly communities who are marginalised. We also undertake research to explore innovative and effective methods of community engagement and partnership. 

Our work aims to translate into sustainable health solutions by ensuring that our approach is driven by community priorities, builds on and strengthens local systems, and addresses systemic barriers to achieving health for all.


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