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Doctor Philipp du Cros

Co-Head Tuberculosis Elimination & Implementation Science; Principal Research Fellow
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Current Projects
Zero Tb 510X288
Tb Truenat 510X288
Diagnostic accuracy of Molbio Truenat for diagnosis of TB and rifampicin resistance PROJECT Arrow Icon
INDOPACLAB Nomin Presenting Indopaclab Needs Assessment Findings Ppt To Milne Bay Provincial Lab Staff Patrick And Sandra
IndoPacLab PROJECT Arrow Icon
210415 Primetb Fikri Rasyid Ibb Y65z5zu Unsplash 510X288
Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Indonesia for the Micro Elimination of TB (PRIME-TB) PROJECT Arrow Icon
TB Physician Dr. Stenard Hiashiri Reviewing A Chest X Ray Of A Patient With Tuberculosis NO Patient ID 510X288
RID-TB: Reducing the Impact of Drug-Resistant TB in Western Province, PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon
210512 Cohelp 510X288
COVID-19 Healthcare E-Learning Platform (CoHELP) PROJECT Arrow Icon
Structured Operational Research and Training (SORT-IT) Indonesia PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Zero TB Team, Indonesia PROJECT Arrow Icon
210901 Ezaret 510X288
The EZARET Study: Exploring Zoonotic Association and Risks for Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon