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Professor James Beeson

Deputy Director (People); Head, Malaria Immunity and Vaccines Group; Adjunct Professor, Monash University
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Current Projects
BVI Mrna
Developing next-generation mRNA vaccines for malaria Arrow Icon
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Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Malaria Elimination MASTER-MAP (Modern Acceleration Strategies for Eradication of Malaria in the Asia Pacific) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Malaria Synergy Program PROJECT Arrow Icon
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HMHB: The impact of nutrition and infections on health for pregnant women and young children PROJECT Arrow Icon
Project Image Understanding Malaria Transmission And Immunity To Inform Malaria Elimination
Understanding malaria transmission and immunity to inform malaria elimination PROJECT Arrow Icon
Project Image Option 1 Vaccines Against Malaria Caused By Plasmodium Falciparum And P.Vivix
Vaccines against malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Discovering the mechanisms and targets of immunity against malaria PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Immunity to malaria and infectious diseases during pregnancy PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Understanding immunity mediated by the RTS,S malaria vaccine in children PROJECT Arrow Icon
Past Projects
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Accelerating access to postnatal care and chlorhexidine in PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Evaluating a highly sensitive rapid malaria diagnostic in PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon