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Cryptosporidiosis in patients with AIDS.

Stuart RL, Hellard ME, Jolley D, Spelman D, Hoy J, Stevenson EM, Yates MT, Ryan NJ, Fairley CK

  • Journal International journal of STD & AIDS

  • Published 22 Jul 1997

  • Volume 8

  • ISSUE 5

  • Pagination 339-41

  • DOI 10.1258/0956462971920064


Cases of cryptosporidiosis in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) residing in Melbourne over a 6-year period (1990-1995) are described. During this period 85 cases occurred, while 979 new AIDS diagnoses were notified. Over this period temporal clustering in cryptosporidial detection was evident (P=0.007), but the pattern was not statistically associated with the season, rainfall (P=0.88), mean average maximal temperature (P=0.15) or mean average minimal temperature. Further studies should identify these risk factors and provide an opportunity to prevent this devastating disease.