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Altered lymphocyte heat shock protein 70 expression in patients with HIV disease.

Agnew LL, Kelly M, Howard J, Jeganathan S, Batterham M, Ffrench RA, Gold J, Watson K

  • Journal AIDS (London, England)

  • Published 07 Oct 2003

  • Volume 17

  • ISSUE 13

  • Pagination 1985-8

  • DOI 10.1097/00002030-200309050-00019


Heat shock protein (HSP) expression in lymphocytes isolated from 20 patients with HIV disease and 15 age-matched controls was determined. Fold increases in lymphocyte hsp70 expression after heat shock were 4.52 +/- 2.97 in HIV-positive individuals compared with 2.60 +/- 1.29 for HIV-negative controls (P= 0.001). Given clear roles for HSP in the cross-presentation of antigens, alpha-defensin internalization and pro-inflammatory cytokine production, a further investigation of HSP in HIV patients is merited.