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Jeanne and Ken Deutscher: 25 years of giving to Burnet

  • 03 May 2023

When Jeanne and Ken Deutscher made a commitment, over 25 years ago, to embark on their philanthropic endeavours, they chose to support Burnet Institute for very specific reasons.

“The ethos and outreach displayed by the Institute exemplifies science at its purest and best, as the means for ground-breaking medical research focused on advancing public health in areas of need. We knew Burnet’s work would make a difference to individuals and vulnerable communities,” they said.

Jeanne and Ken chose to set up a regular monthly donation to Burnet because it was easier for their budgeting, plus gave Burnet greater certainty regarding their contribution. Even so, they still give extra gifts every now and then.

“As the next generation of our family started to arrive a few years ago with the birth of the first of our four grandchildren, the Burnet initiative of “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies” became even more poignant. It is at times like these that we try to give a bit more as a ‘special gift’ to support the dedicated work of those in the field.

“It has been a privilege to share the journey of discovery and innovation with the dedicated staff at Burnet. We have always been warmly welcomed to events and laboratory tours, and these together with reading the issues of Impact have kept us well informed of the progress of the various research projects.

“We have full confidence in the direction and value of Burnet’s programs and remain inspired by the passion and commitment of all at the Institute.”