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Burnet Institute develops, tests, and evaluates new tools, interventions, and programs to address public health needs, with an emphasis on innovation, equity, and sustainability. 

Burnet implements and evaluates integrated, community-based strategies and interventions to achieve better health, with a focus on populations at risk in Australia and people living in low-resource settings.

Our work includes the development and evaluation of new or adapted: diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics; health promotion and behaviour change interventions, and, models of care and service-delivery, including community-based approaches and those that integrate novel technologies and approaches.

The generation of evidence to guide practice and policy adoptions is achieved through a range of evaluation approaches, including randomised trials in clinical and community settings, and implementation science to inform the effective adoption, refinement and maintenance of evidence-based approaches. This work is undertaken in close consultation with affected communities, other organisations or agencies and different levels of government where relevant.

Our interventions and implementation work provides evidence to guide practice and policy adoptions, to help address public health needs.


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