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Understanding patterns of methamphetamine use in Melbourne and rural Victoria, the VMAX study

Methamphetamine use is a significant public health issue in Australia, associated with a range of harms that increased significantly in line with major changes to the methamphetamine market and changes in the behaviour of people who use the drug. There a few prospective studies of methamphetamine use in Australia. In response, in 2016we established VMAX, a prospective cohort study of people who used methamphetamine from community settings who primarily smoked the drug.

To determine patterns of methamphetamine use and harm in metropolitan and rural Victoria.


VMAX is a prospective cohort of over 850 people who use methamphetamine recruited from metropolitan Melbourne and three regions of rural Victoria.

VMAX data are used to determine the nature and extent of methamphetamine use and harm in Victoria. They have been used to determine issues related to drug driving and service provision across Victoria.

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Professor Paul Dietze

Please contact Professor Paul Dietze for more information about this project.



  • Colonial Foundation Trust

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  • Monash University School of Rural Health
  • University of Bristol