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Liver Health Screening Test

A rapid point-of-care (POC) test for liver disease biomarkers could improve the management of acute and chronic liver disease and reduce the progression to liver cancer in Australia and globally. A simple screening test that could be performed by health workers in community settings for liver inflammation of any cause, could prompt further investigations for underlying liver disease before major liver damage occurs.

Develop a rapid point of care diagnostic test for liver disease.

2021 - Ongoing

We have successfully developed a first-generation ALT test and are now developing improved reagents scalable for manufacture. We will include alternate and additional liver disease biomarkers for evaluation and possible inclusion in future versions of the lateral flow or ELISA assays.

Liver disease is routinely diagnosed by measuring ALT levels in the blood. Elevated ALT levels can be due to chronic viral hepatitis (B or C), alcohol consumption, drug toxicity or fatty liver disease. Pathology labs in high income countries can provide results within hours, but this is not the case in resource constrained settings, including remote and rural Australia and low income countries. In these settings, a rapid point of care diagnostic test could form the basis of a liver health check tool, promoting awareness and management of liver disease.

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