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Kali Ameara

Vanuatu Research Coordinator
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Kali has over 20 years of experience in the medical and public health sectors, both internationally and within his home country, Vanuatu. His career is marked by a strong emphasis on leadership, management, and analytical skills, particularly in roles that involve coordinating complex national operations. A key moment in his career was his role as the Vanuatu National Inter-Agency COVID-19 Quarantine Coordinator, where he led the nation's response to the pandemic, demonstrating his ability to navigate high-stakes environments and build strategic relationships across sectors.

Kali has over a decade of experience in the private healthcare sector in Brisbane, Australia, and earlier roles in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. His expertise spans molecular genomics, virology, and immunology, underlining his comprehensive background in scientific services and laboratory operations.

His work has not only been foundational in managing public health crises but also in advancing scientific research and operational efficiency within the healthcare sector. Through collaborative efforts, he has impacted public health policies, operational protocols, and safety practices, exemplifying his dedication to improving healthcare outcomes.

  • 1995: BMLsc, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

  • 2023 – Current: Vanuatu Research Coordinator, Burnet Institute