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Doctor Hla Htay

Senior Technical Manager
2015 05 22 16.33.24 Dr Hla Htay

Dr. Hla Htay has been working with Burnet Institute Myanmar since 2006. After his graduation from Institute of Medicine (1) in Yangon, Myanmar, he started his career to provide medical assistance to needy people in very remote areas of Mon and Karen States, specifically in the Thai-Burmese border region by working with Médecins Sans Fronti\u00E8res (MSF) in Myanmar. He has risked his life for humanitarian assistance in such insecure and difficult-to-access villages. He pursued further study for a Master of Public Health at Mahidol University, Thailand with a special focus on Primary Health Care in 2005. After completing his further study, he joined Burnet Institute Myanmar. Dr Hla Htay plays pivotal roles in various technical and program management areas including HIV, TB, Malaria, Research and Organisation Development. He has extensive knowledge and understanding in working with highly stigmatised and discriminated people. His current position is Senior Technical Manager and he oversees all the technical support for implementation of programs and projects.

  • MBBS, Institute of Medicine (1), Yangon, Myanmar;
  • MPH, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Myanmar Organization Development Network;
  • DU Working Group; Myanmar Positive Group (MPG);
  • Education Thematic Working Group (ETWG);
  • Yaung Zin Teacher Development Group;
  • Myanmar Teacher Education Working Group (MTEWG)
  • Crockett-Murphy Travel Award (2014-2015)
  • Senior Technical Manager;
  • Senior Technical Officer (Organisation Development);
  • Thematic Coordinator (Organisation Development);
  •  Thematic Coordinator (Drugs and Society Team);
  • Project Officer (Centre for Harm Reduction)