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Doctor Ben Coghlan

Program Director / Working Group Head
201208 Ben Coghlan
Current Projects
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Socioeconomic impact of HIV at household level in Myanmar PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Accelerating healthy agriculture and nutrition PROJECT Arrow Icon
Lao Pdr Mou
Integrated solutions for healthy birth, growth, and development in Lao PDR PROJECT Arrow Icon
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The production of guidance for the laboratory sector to prepare for emergency situations PROJECT Arrow Icon
210129 Combat Amr 510X288
COMBAT AMR: Mitigating the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Pacific Island Countries PROJECT Arrow Icon
Fleming Fund Logo 210X132
Fleming Fund Country Grant – Papua New Guinea PROJECT Arrow Icon
Kick Amr 510X288
ANCP – Kickstarting antimicrobial resistance responses in PNG (KICK AMR) PROJECT Arrow Icon
Scoop Resized
SCOOP: Strengthening COVID-19 Communication in Pregnancy PROJECT Arrow Icon