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Vaccination with attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus by DNA inoculation.

Kent SJ, Dale CJ, Preiss S, Mills J, Campagna D, Purcell DF

  • Journal Journal of virology

  • Published 07 Dec 2001

  • Volume 75

  • ISSUE 23

  • Pagination 11930-4

  • DOI 10.1128/JVI.75.23.11930-11934.2001


Delivering attenuated lentivirus vaccines as proviral DNA would be simple and inexpensive. Inoculation of macaques with wild-type simian immunodeficiency virus strain mac239 (SIV(mac239)) DNA or SIV(mac239) DNA containing a single deletion in the 3' nef-long terminal repeat overlap region (nef/LTR) led to sustained SIV infections and AIDS. Injection of SIV(mac239) DNA containing identical deletions in both the 5' LTR and 3' nef/LTR resulted in attenuated SIV infections and substantial protection against subsequent mucosal SIV(mac251) challenge.