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Uncoating kinetics of hepatitis A virus virions and provirions.

Bishop NE, Anderson DA

  • Journal Journal of virology

  • Published 07 Apr 2000

  • Volume 74

  • ISSUE 7

  • Pagination 3423-6

  • DOI 10.1128/jvi.74.7.3423-3426.2000


When the growth kinetics of immature hepatitis A virus provirions and mature virions were monitored, distinct eclipse phases were noted for both types of particles. Strikingly, uncoating of virions occurred around 4 h postinfection, while uncoating of provirions occurred predominantly between 8 and 10 h postinfection. It is proposed that the heterogeneous mixture of infectious hepatitis A virus particles (virions and provirions) typically present in inocula is responsible for the normally asynchronous nature of hepatitis A virus uncoating kinetics.