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The Victorian hepatitis C education program for GPs--an evaluation.

Wang YH, Guy R, Hellard M

  • Journal Australian family physician

  • Published 26 Jan 2010

  • Volume 38

  • ISSUE 9

  • Pagination 749-52


An evaluation of a Victorian hepatitis C virus (HCV) education program for general practitioners conducted in 2005-2006 randomly surveyed 1000 Victorian GPs about key areas of HCV management.

General practitioners were sent a baseline survey before commencement of the General Practice Victoria (GPV) HCV program and a feedback brochure upon program completion. A follow up survey then assessed their knowledge of HCV management.

The surveys were completed by 524/1000 GPs: 87 reported completing the GPV program and 116 reported reading the feedback brochure. The survey responses remained unchanged following the GPV program. General practitioners who reported reading the feedback brochure were more likely to correctly identify the local incidence of HCV, risk and prognosis of chronic infection, risk of vertical transmission and be aware of treatment issues.

In view of the increasing importance of HCV and better treatment options, ongoing innovative programs are essential to improve HCV management by GPs.