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Experiences of and attitudes toward injecting drug use among marginalized African migrant and refugee youth in Melbourne, Australia.

Horyniak D, Higgs P, Cogger S, Dietze P, Bofu T, Seid G

  • Journal Journal of ethnicity in substance abuse

  • Published 15 Jul 2015

  • Volume 13

  • ISSUE 4

  • Pagination 405-29

  • DOI 10.1080/15332640.2014.958639


Little is known about injecting drug use (IDU) among people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia. We interviewed 18 young people of African ethnicity (6 current/former injectors, 12 never injectors) about exposure and attitudes to IDU. Exposure to IDU was common, with IDU characterized as unnatural, risky and immoral. IDU was highly stigmatized and hidden from family and friends. There is a need for culturally appropriate programs to promote open dialogue about substance use to reduce stigma and prevent African youth who may use illicit drugs from becoming further marginalized.