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Evidence of recombination between 3' and 5' LTRs in macaques inoculated with SIV DNA.

Kent SJ, Dale CJ, Preiss S, Purcell DF

  • Journal AIDS research and human retroviruses

  • Published 30 Apr 2002

  • Volume 18

  • ISSUE 3

  • Pagination 227-30

  • DOI 10.1089/08892220252781293


Proviral SIV DNA inoculation of macaques is an efficient method to initiate wild-type and attenuated SIV infections. However, we found that macaques inoculated with SIV DNA engineered to contain a single 105-bp deletion in the 3' nef/LTR overlap region had SIV sequences subsequently isolated that had partially or fully repaired the deletion with wild-type sequence. Animals inoculated with SIV DNA containing identical deletions in both the 5' and 3' LTRs did not repair the deletion. Recombination events occurred early, most likely by homologous recombination with sequences from the wild-type 5' LTR. This sequence analysis is the first demonstration of homologous recombination in vivo following administration of a single SIV strain.