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Evidence for structurally conserved recognition of the major carbohydrate xenoantigen by natural antibodies.

Ramsland PA, Farrugia W, Yuriev E, Edmundson AB, Sandrin MS

  • Journal Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France)

  • Published 10 Mar 2004

  • Volume 49

  • ISSUE 2

  • Pagination 307-17


Natural or preformed antibodies that react with oligosaccharides bearing terminal galactose-alpha(1,3)-galactose [Gal alpha(1,3)Gal] stuctures are present in the sera of all humans. Antibodies against Gal alpha(1,3)Gal epitopes initiate hyperacute rejection of xenografts of porcine organs in human recipients. Despite the enormous clinical potential for xenotransplantation, very little is known about the 3D structural basis for natural antibody recognition of the major xenoantigen (i.e. Gal alpha(1,3)Gal). In this review, we discuss general binding patterns that have been repeatedly identified in antibody complexes with small molecules (haptens), carbohydrate and peptide ligands because similar mechanisms will almost certainly mediate recognition of the major xenoantigen by natural antibodies.