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Balamuthia mandrillaris brain abscess successfully treated with complete surgical excision and prolonged combination antimicrobial therapy.

Doyle JS, Campbell E, Fuller A, Spelman DW, Cameron R, Malham G, Gin D, Lewin SR

  • Journal Journal of neurosurgery

  • Published 12 Nov 2010

  • Volume 114

  • ISSUE 2

  • Pagination 458-62

  • DOI 10.3171/2010.10.JNS10677


Amoebic encephalitis is an uncommon and usually fatal condition. This case describes successful treatment of a Balamuthia mandrillaris brain abscess using prolonged antimicrobial agents with complete excision. It illustrates the risk of dissemination from cutaneous to cerebral amoebic lesions, potential progression with corticosteroid therapy, and the prospect for curative excision.