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Towards a better tomorrow: addressing intersectional gender power relations to eradicate inequities in maternal health.

Bohren MA, Iyer A, Barros AJD, Williams CR, Hazfiarini A, Arroyave L, Filippi V, Chamberlain C, Kabakian-Khasholian T, Mayra K, Gill R, Vogel JP, Chou D, George AS, Oladapo OT.

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A global analysis of the determinants of maternal health and transitions in maternal mortality.

Souza JP, Day LT, Rezende-Gomes AC, Zhang J, Mori R, Baguiya A, Jayaratne K, Osoti A, Vogel JP, Campbell O, Mugerwa KY, Lumbiganon P, Tunçalp Ö, Cresswell J, Say L, Moran AC, Oladapo OT.

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Police-recorded adult sexual assault in the Northern Territory, Australia: Alcohol involvement and alcohol policy effects.

Clifford S, Wright CJC, Miller PG, Baldwin R, Griffiths KE, Smith JA, Livingston M.

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Responding to COVID-19: How group model building can assist the health and well-being of urban Indigenous communities in Australia.

Fredericks B, Bradfield A, McAvoy S, Ward J, Spierings S, Combo T, Toth-Peter A

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The relative effectiveness of three and four doses of COVID-19 vaccine in Victoria, Australia: A data linkage study.

Canevari JT, Cheng AC, Wu L, Rowe SL, Wollersheim DE, West D, Majumdar SS, Sullivan SG

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Impact of primary kidney disease on the effects of empagliflozin in patients with chronic kidney disease: secondary analyses of the EMPA-KIDNEY trial.

EMPA-KIDNEY Collaborative Group

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