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Libano Dias and his family: The family who gives together

  • 03 May 2023

“I also have a personal wish to eradicate malaria. My wife’s sister tragically died from the disease at the age of 46. Unfortunately, the disease continues to claim lives, and it is my hope that through the ground-breaking research done by organisations like the Burnet Institute, the disease can eventually be eradicated.” 
–Libano Dias, monthly donor

“Philanthropy has always been an incredibly important part of our lives as a family,” Libano Dias said.

“My wife Yvonne and I are involved with many charities and we have always instilled the importance of giving to our children, Mark, Alison and Amanda – particularly giving to people who are less fortunate than us, both in Australia and around the world.”

While the children were growing up, the whole family participated in fundraising activities at their schools and through their local church. And today, Libano and his two daughters support Burnet Institute with a monthly gift each. Their separate gifts each month add up to a significant amount every year.

Libano was profoundly impressed with Burnet’s aim to achieve better health for poor and vulnerable communities in Australia.

“I have always possessed a keen interest in medical research. It’s one of the reasons why I support Burnet and the important and impressive work they do. Alison and Amanda also share my interest in medical research, and understand its importance in helping the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Giving every month was a strategic decision made by the family.

“I encouraged Alison and Amanda to give an ongoing monthly donation as I believe this is a better commitment, compared to a single donation,” Libano said.

“A regular commitment can better assist Burnet to continue their amazing ongoing work.

“I have attended various functions at Burnet, have witnessed the scope of the medical research that is undertaken, and truly understand the importance of ongoing financial assistance to sustain that work.”

“Burnet Institute is close to my heart and I will endeavour to assist the amazing staff there to carry on their valuable work.”