Professor Mark A Stoové

Head, Public Health; Head, HIV Prevention Group; Co-Head, Justice Health Group


Professor Stoové is Head of Public Health at Burnet Institute where he also and heads research groups in HIV Prevention and Justice Health. He has undertaken research on the epidemiology and prevention of blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections and the health and wellbeing of affected populations for over 20 years. His research focuses is on generating evidence for effective public health policy and practice.

He has strong interests in developing novel and innovative approaches to epidemiological research to inform clinical and public health policy and practice He has led the development and maintenance of innovative sentinel surveillance systems for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses in developed and low and middle income countries.

He has also led large bio-behavioural prospective cohort studies of people who inject drugs and other groups disproportionately affected by viral hepatitis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. I has helped lead large-scale sexual health and sexually transmitted infection prevention program implementations and randomised controlled trials in Australia and low income settings internationally.

He has published over 200 peer reviewed paper and assumes various editorial roles for international peer review journal editorial roles as well as conference convening roles. Over the past five years he has attracted in excess of AUD$30 million in research funds as a lead investigator.


  • 2017: Co-Head, Eliminate HIV sub-Program, Disease Elimination Program, Burnet Institute
  • 2012: Head, HIV Research; Head, Justice Health Research, Burnet Institute
  • 2017: Head of Public Health Discipline, Burnet Institute
  • 2011: Principal for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Burnet Institute
  • 2007-2012: Senior Research Fellow / Head of HIV/STI Research - Centre for Population Health, Burnet Institute, Victoria, Australia
  • 2007-present: Honorary Research Fellow - School of Psychology, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
  • 2008-present: Adjunct Research Fellow – Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, Victoria, Australia


  • 2004: PhD, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 1999: Grad Dip (Ed) RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1995: BA AppSci (Hons, First Class), Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Projects (47)

Current (25)

  • ACCESS: The Australian Collaboration for Coordinated Enhanced Sentinel Surveillance of Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Ageing Well with HIV

  • Assessing the feasibility of an integrated HIV cascade of care surveillance system in Myanmar (ACCESS Myanmar)

  • Blood-borne virus and STI self-testing❗Student Projects Available

  • Breaking the cycle: supporting people with drug use histories to avoid reincarceration

  • Cancer information compared to Hepatitis B information to INcreAse hepatitis B testing in Melbourne’s Chinese community (CHINA-B study)

  • Community-Based Rapid HIV Testing Services

  • COVASIM: Modelling COVID-19

  • EC Australia: Eliminate Hepatitis C Australia Partnership

  • EC Partnership: Eliminate Hepatitis C Partnership

  • Evaluation of Malaria Case-Based Reporting using a mobile phone application in Myanmar

  • HIV Prevention Cohort

  • Improving Hepatitis B Virus screening in general practice in Victoria

  • Novel PoC Testing for Diagnosis of Active Syphilis in Pregnant Women and Infants in Fiji

  • PrEPX: Rapid scale-up of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

  • Project Geldom

  • PRONTO! Rapid HIV point-of-care testing in Victoria

  • Sexual health and STIs among people who use drugs❗Student Projects Available

  • SHARP: Sexual Health And Risk Prevention Study

  • TAIPAN: HIV cascade surveillance

  • The elimination of hepatitis C as a global public health threat

  • The International Collaboration on Hepatitis C Elimination in HIV Cohorts (InCHEHC)

  • The Optimise Study: Optimising Isolation, Quarantine and Distancing for COVID-19

  • The QuickStart Study

  • VOICE - Victorian Online Initiative for Community Engagement

Past (2)

  • co-EC Study: Eliminating hepatitis C/HIV coinfection

  • PATH Cohort Study

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