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Geoffrey Chan

Health Systems and Strategic Information Specialist
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Current Projects
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Building a Centre of Excellence for Research and Training for DR-TB in Daru, Papua New Guinea PROJECT Arrow Icon
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ESCAPE-TB: Enhanced screening and preventive therapy for TB in Daru, PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon
Zero Tb 510X288
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Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Indonesia for the Micro Elimination of TB (PRIME-TB) PROJECT Arrow Icon
TB Physician Dr. Stenard Hiashiri Reviewing A Chest X Ray Of A Patient With Tuberculosis NO Patient ID 510X288
RID-TB: Reducing the Impact of Drug-Resistant TB in Western Province, PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon
Team Photo April 2019 510X288
RID-TB Patient Education and Counselling PROJECT Arrow Icon
Structured Operational Research and Training (SORT-IT) Indonesia PROJECT Arrow Icon
Sweep Tb
Systematic Community-Wide Engagement and Elimination Project for TB (SWEEP-TB) in Daru, Western Province, PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Zero TB Team, Indonesia PROJECT Arrow Icon