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The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event caused by a novel virus.

As such, public health and policy responses are based on a limited, yet rapidly evolving knowledge and evidence base, including research findings, analysis and early experience from other countries.

The Know-C19 Hub

The Knowledge Hub for COVID-19 (Know-C19 Hub) is the gateway to our research findings, policy and technical reports, and also latest news about Burnet’s COVID-19 work. The Know C-19 Hub will actively seek to address gaps in knowledge and collate and provide novel strategic information on COVID-19 to inform the Australian and International response.

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Latest video update from Professor Mike Toole AM

Burnet modelling informs Victoria’s COVID roadmap – 30 September 2020

Burnet Institute COVASIM modelling warning of the risks of opening up too quickly has helped to inform the latest reshaping of COVID-19 restrictions by the Victorian Government.

Burnet researchers led by Dr Nick Scott modelled what would happen on September 28 if Victoria eased to the final step on the Roadmap to COVID Normal with restrictions similar to those in place in Victoria in early June, or in New South Wales in September.

The Burnet team found that opening too quickly would result in a 41 percent chance of a third wave of COVID-19 infections within four weeks.

“What the modelling shows is that if we open things all at once when there is a lot of virus still in the community, the risk of a resurgence is high,” Dr Scott said. “These risks are significantly reduced as virus levels decrease.”

“Reopening too soon risks wasting all the sacrifices Victorians have made of the past few months.”

Image: Modelling by Burnet released by Victorian Government.

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