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With your help more communities will see their future come into focus brighter, healthier and empowered.

Once your family is looked after, a gift in your Will can create a future of health equity for those who need it most.

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Professor Brendan Crabb AC

An equitable world is a thriving world.

A message from Burnet Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb AC

At Burnet, we are in a unique position to help create that world. What makes us different is our technical breadth - laboratory-based discoveries, field research, commercialisation and development programs – all progressing towards a more equitable world.

This is what drives us. This is what sets us apart.

We are at a crucial time in our history where scientific advancements have the power to address some of our greatest known and future health challenges. Yet not everyone has access to, or will have access to, available lifesaving solutions. On top of this, our climate and global environment are changing, and only through innovation, collaboration and community will we be able to create a viable future for generations to come. Timely, affordable, and effective healthcare should be available for all who need it, and this is why Burnet Institute keeps equity at the centre of everything that we do.

As a supporter of Burnet Institute, I know you are a person who believes that good health is a human right. You are a person who looks at the challenges of the world and wants to respond. You are someone who believes in the importance of science and innovation. It is time to act.

A charitable gift in your Will to Burnet will allow our scientists to discover and translate research breakthroughs into sustainable, lifesaving solutions long into the future, to tackle the existing and new health challenges that will inevitably arise over the coming decades.

I am confident that solutions will be found to neutralise or eliminate existing and emerging infectious diseases, but this will require continual advances in scientific discovery over long periods of time. This is why, if you are in the position to make a charitable gift in your Will, whether modest or larger you will make a difference. It takes many drops of water to make the ocean mighty.

If now is the right time for you, when you write or update your Will, please consider a charitable gift to Burnet Institute.

You can make health equity your legacy.

With gratitude,

Professor Brendan Crabb, AC
Director and CEO

Click to make health equity your legacy

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