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The battle against some of the world’s most serious illnesses is being fought and won here at Burnet.

Through our commitment to science and public health, breakthroughs in malaria, HIV, hepatitis, cancer and other diseases have already been achieved, with more on the horizon.

It’s not only the research that earns Burnet its privileged reputation, an innovative approach to public health continues to save lives across the globe.

Addressing these challenges – in the short-term through public health programs, and in the long-term through medical and behavioural research – continues to be a priority, but the simple fact remains – we cannot do it alone.

Generous gifts from thousands of Australians have made a significant contribution to the quality of life for so many, in Australia and in the countries in which Burnet operates.

Your support will make a difference too!

United States Donors

Burnet Institute uses a funding intermediary registered with a 501©(3) to accept donation from US taxpayers. These funds are tax deductible to the extent allowed by US law. You can donate online, or alternatively alternatively contact us to find out more.

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