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Global Health: policy, practice and community action

Co Heads: Mr Chad Hughes & Ms Lisa Davidson

Translating research into sustainable health solutions for vulnerable communities through health system strengthening, improved health service delivery and empowering communities.

To achieve greater equity in health within vulnerable communities requires an urgent need to develop and promote new strategies, tools and policies.

Burnet is working with many communities to better understand and address the underlying factors that prevent access to crucial health care services such as family planning, postnatal and newborn care, vaccination, HIV prevention, care and support and nutrition.

Our working groups work to achieve better health outcomes for vulnerable communities by: 

  • Strengthening health systems
  • Improving service delivery
  • Empowering communities

Our working group contributes to:

  • Improving sexual and reproductive health for men and women - Advancement of gender equality, and prevention of gender-based violence
  • Increasing the capacity of health professionals, researchers, policy makers through education and training
  • Strengthening health systems so that they are more responsive to the health needs of individuals and communities
  • Empowering communities to improve health seeking behaviours and health literacy

communities to improve health seeking behaviours and health literacy.

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Lisa Davidson

Lisa has more than 18 years experience in international health and development with a particular focus on community health programming, child welfare, and social development, in the fields of HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria.



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Accelerating access to postnatal care and chlorhexidine in PNG
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Accelerating healthy agriculture and nutrition
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Accelerating Immunisation and Health System Strengthening (AIHSS)
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Collaborative Community Checklists for Immunisation (CCCI)
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Engaging men to improve family health and prevent gender-based violence
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Grow Strong, Grow Healthy Project
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HBMM: Home-based management of malaria in PNG
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HMHB - Health Services for Postnatal and Infancy Care
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Lao Pdr Mou
Integrated solutions for healthy birth, growth, and development in Lao PDR
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Chad Hughes Project
SRHIP: Sexual & Reproductive Health Integration Project
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West Sepik Covid-19 Vaccination Advocacy Project
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