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Diagnostic Markers in Chronic Immune Disorders Group

Head: Dr Raffi Gugasyan 

Understanding the role of key signalling molecules that are critical for the normal development and function of T and B lymphocytes.

Our focus is on two main research areas:

  • Understanding the molecular and cellular signals that promote the development and function of T and B lymphocytes
  • Examining how lymphocyte function is impaired that drives the development of autoimmune disease or cancer.

Our research group is focused on understanding the molecular signalling events that coordinate the development of fully functional T and B lymphocytes. This process is crucial to the immune system as it leads to the production of fully armed lymphocytes that are capable of mounting an immune response against various pathogens and infectious diseases.

Generating fully functional lymphocytes also requires these cells to have the capacity to distinguish the body's own tissue from foreign pathogens, and failure to do so is linked to autoimmune disease and malignancy.

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Doctor Raffi Gugasyan

Dr Gugasyan obtained his PhD from the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute (Melbourne) and furthered his training at the Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, MO, (USA). He is internationally and nationally recognised for his research on lymphocytes and the signalling circuitry within these cells that help to prevent chronic diseases such as autoimmunity and cancer.