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Understanding immune responses to Mpox infection and vaccination

The Mpox virus is endemic in West and Central African countries. In 2022, the WHO declared Mpox a global health emergency as infections have spread globally to over 100 countries. There are limited antiviral drugs available for the treatment of Mpox and the current vaccination strategy to prevent the spread of Mpox is to immunize people with a smallpox vaccine. However, there are concerns that available vaccines may be less effective in the current outbreak due to the emergence of a new clade.

To profile the immune responses to Mpox infection and vaccination.   

2023 - Ongoing

We will collect clinical samples from people who have recovered from Mpox infection and those who have been vaccinated against Mpox in Australia. We will measure both serological and cellular responses to the Mpox virus responsible for the current outbreak. Using both in vitro and computational methods we will also assess cross protection to past Mpox viruses and other poxviruses.

This research will contribute to our knowledge of the effectiveness of current smallpox vaccines in preventing Mpox infection and specifically towards current viruses in circulation.   

This study will also inform the development of novel vaccines against poxviruses, vaccination regimens and specific biomarkers for diagnostic assay development.

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Doctor Gabriela Khoury

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Partners +

  • Prof Heidi Drummer (Burnet Institute)
  • A/Prof Ian Woolley (Monash Health, Monash University)