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New media and technology in health promotion practice

Evidence continues to grow for the efficacy of interventions delivered on new media platforms (such as SMS, smartphone apps and social media) for promoting positive behaviour change. However preliminary investigations suggest that outside of the research setting, there are significant barriers to translating these innovations into real-world practice.

This project aims to investigate current usage of new media and technology-based interventions in health promotion practice.

The project will explore planning, implementation, evaluation outside of research settings, and aims to improve research translation in this field. 

Key objectives are:

  • To catalogue the planning, implementation and evaluation of new media interventions in health promoBon outside of the research setting.
  • To investigate the use of research and evidence in planning new media interventions.
  • To explore barriers to research translation for new media interventions in health promotion practice.
  • To assist in informing the development of guidelines for planning, implementing and evaluating new media interventions for health promotion practitioners. 
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Associate Professor Megan SC Lim

Please contact Associate Professor Megan SC Lim for more information about this project.



  • ANPHA Preventive Health Research Fellowship