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Immunisation + Health Systems Strengthening

Vaccination is widely acknowledged as an essential and cost-effective public health intervention. Routine immunisation against infectious diseases is a core health service that is critical in preventing child morbidity and mortality. Resource-limited regions, including many in the Indo-Pacific, face persistent challenges in maintaining adequate vaccine coverage. Burnet works in partnership with national and provincial governments, local communities and local organisations to improve immunisation coverage and strengthen related health system components through evidence-based research and initiatives. 

We are committed to:

  • supporting national and provincial governments to conduct evidence-based research, specifically targeted towards un- and under-immunised communities in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • ensuring that our research is community-led and driven by engaging with local communities, partners, and stakeholders, to address their most pressing concerns. 
  • undertaking regular monitoring, learning, and evaluation activities to improve the quality and impact of our projects. 

Our approach involves close partnership with national and provincial governments, local communities, NGOs to reach un- and under-immunised children and communities. We  provide technical support and expertise to strengthen health systems and prevent vaccine-preventable diseases outbreaks. Our approach is evidence-based, community-led, and sustainable. We welcome new opportunities to collaborate with partners who share our values.

Our current work focuses on:

  • conducting scoping activities and consultations to identify key needs and gaps in immunisation and health system strengthening.
  • developing evidence-based recommendations for practice and policy to improve immunisation and health system strengthening.
  • disseminating findings and recommendations to professionals in healthcare and research settings and governmental and non-governmental organisations in relevant countries.
  • fostering partnerships with regional partners based on transparent communication and data sharing, while respecting the individual wants and needs of partners.
  • improving access to and understanding of immunisation and surveillance data to address coverage gaps through evidence-based decision-making.
  • supporting national and provincial governments to implement strategies targeted at increasing routine immunisation uptake and coverage. 

Our work is dedicated to improving the health of un- and under-immunised children and communities in the Indo-Pacific region. We work in close partnership with community members and provincial and national government staff to address supply- and demand-side barriers to routine immunisation services. 

Our current projects are:

  • partnering with communities in East New Britain province in Papua New Guinea to identify and address gaps in routine immunisation services and enhance vaccine coverage through improved health systems. 
  • developing and implementing new strategies to increase vaccine coverage in four provinces in Solomon Islands. 

Working Groups

Burnet is an Australian-based medical research and public health institute and international non-government organisation that is working towards a more equitable world through better health.