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Doctor Paula Ellenberg

Laboratory Manager
Paula Ellenberg

Dr Paula Ellenberg is a mid-career researcher with 12 years of post-doctoral experience in the field of Retrovirus pathogenesis. After being awarded her PhD in 2008 by the University of Buenos Aires for her studies on the Arenavirus Junin, she moved to Australia to join several multidisciplinary teams focused on Retrovirus biology with the primary goal of unmasking potential drug targets to eliminate HIV-1 and HTLV-1. Her studies resulted in 18 peer-reviewed publications in the virology space.

Dr Ellenberg is skilled in viral molecular cloning, including the introduction of genetic tags and mutations into the retroviral genome. Further, she has extensive experience in experimental design and implementation of retrovirus infection of primary cells.

  • 2008 PhD from University of Buenos Aires
  • Senior Research Fellow- Purcell Lab-Doherty Institute. University of Melbourne