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Doctor Michael Traeger

Research Officer
Michael T

Michael has worked at the Burnet Institute since 2017, and is an epidemiologist and post-doctoral research officer in the HIV Prevention and Surveillance & Evaluation working groups. Michael’s research involves analysing large surveillance data to examine epidemiological trends in infectious diseases and evaluate large-scale public health interventions, with a particular focus on HIV and bacterial STIs.

Michael is also a Research Fellow at the Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, where he works on a range of projects related to HIV prevention among key populations.

Michael completed his PhD at Burnet Institute in 2022, where he explored the interplay between HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) implementation and the epidemiology of bacterial STIs among gay and bisexual men in Australia.

Key research interests include: infectious disease epidemiology, disease surveillance, HIV & STI prevention, biostatistics and sexual health.

  • 2023: Doctor of Philosophy (Epidemiology), Monash University
  • 2017: Master of Science (Epidemiology), University of Melbourne
  • 2014: Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
  • 2023: NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow (Investigator Grant)
  • 2022: Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Alliance (ASRHA) Young Leader Award 2022
  • 2022: Fulbright Future Scholarship, Australian-American Fulbright Commission
  • 2021: Gilead Australia Fellowship