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Julie Tartaggia

Program Manager, Lao PDR and the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)
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Current Projects
The Tibet Health Team With Madam Yufei Centre And Li Bin Second From Right From Tibet Regional Health Bureau And Professor Li Shunping Far Right From Shandong University
Tibet Health Capacity Building Program (Tibet Health) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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ANCP/LXML Maternal and Child Health Program PROJECT Arrow Icon
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ANCP Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies PROJECT Arrow Icon
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The Mbereko + Men Model: Rural Zimbabwe PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Accelerating healthy agriculture and nutrition PROJECT Arrow Icon
Lao Pdr Mou
Integrated solutions for healthy birth, growth, and development in Lao PDR PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Engaging men to improve family health and prevent gender-based violence PROJECT Arrow Icon
ReBUILD for Resilience PROJECT Arrow Icon
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RID-TB Patient Education and Counselling PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Optimising malaria surveillance and response strategies to achieve elimination PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Preventing malaria transmission in high-risk populations PROJECT Arrow Icon
Youth Group Education 4096X3072
Integrated Multi-Sectoral Approach (IMSA) To Improve The Sexual And Reproductive Health Of Adolescents In Magway, Myanmar PROJECT Arrow Icon