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Professor Freya J.I. Fowkes

Deputy Program Director, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health; Head, Malaria and Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Freya Fowkes (1)
Current Projects
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Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Malaria Elimination MASTER-MAP (Modern Acceleration Strategies for Eradication of Malaria in the Asia Pacific) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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ANCP Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies PROJECT Arrow Icon
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HMHB - Health Services for Postnatal and Infancy Care PROJECT Arrow Icon
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The Mbereko + Men Model: Rural Zimbabwe PROJECT Arrow Icon
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HMHB: The impact of nutrition and infections on health for pregnant women and young children PROJECT Arrow Icon
Project Image Understanding Malaria Transmission And Immunity To Inform Malaria Elimination
Understanding malaria transmission and immunity to inform malaria elimination PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Accelerating ART initiation among Infants (AAMI Study) PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Non-communicable diseases in adolescents in Indonesia PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Discovering the mechanisms and targets of immunity against malaria PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Immunity to malaria and infectious diseases during pregnancy PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Integrating molecular and serological detection of malaria into national surveillance systems PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Immunity, drug efficacy and spread of antimalarial drug resistance PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Optimising malaria surveillance and response strategies to achieve elimination PROJECT Arrow Icon
Serosurveillance 510X288
Serological surveillance to identify mosquito exposure and malaria transmission PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Preventing malaria transmission in high-risk populations PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Impact of declining transmission on immunity and risk of malaria rebound PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Developing a novel assessment tool to evaluate health system’s readiness of the countries in Greater Mekong Subregion to enter malaria elimination phase PROJECT Arrow Icon
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MNCH support in Myanmar's Northern Shan State PROJECT Arrow Icon
Past Projects
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WHISPER and SHOUT - mHealth interventions among Kenyan sex workers PROJECT Arrow Icon
Myanmar WASH Project Signing Day 2013 510 X 288
WASH: Interventions for monastic schools in Myanmar PROJECT Arrow Icon
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Evaluating a highly sensitive rapid malaria diagnostic in PNG PROJECT Arrow Icon