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Doctor Damian Pavlyshyn

Postdoctoral Research Officer
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Damian is a postdoctoral researcher in the Disease Elimination Program, where he does statistical work on topics such as HCV elimination and the social impact of housing policy. After completing a BSc and MSc in mathematics at the University of Melbourne, Damian conducted a PhD in statistics at Stanford University, where he was supervised by Prof. Iain Johnstone.

Damian's research interests are in statistical methodology, where he has previously worked in high-dimensional settings, especially on questions of matrix estimation. He has worked to apply these novel methods in areas including quantitative genetics and Roman history.

  • 2022: PhD (Statistics), Stanford University, USA
  • 2016: MSc (Statistics and Stochastic Processes), University of Melbourne, Australia
  • 2014: BSc (Pure Mathematics), University of Melbourne, Australia

2022: Postdoctoral Research Officer, Modelling and Biostatistics Group, Burnet Institute