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Doctor Annemarie Laumaea

Senior Research Scientist
Annemarie Laumaea (1)

Annemarie Laumaea is a senior research scientist / research officer in the Burnet Diagnostics Initiative (BDI) laboratory, with research experience in HIV envelope and SARS-CoV-2 immune responses.

Annemarie recently completed her post-doctoral training in Montreal, Canada at the Centre de Recherche du Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de montréal (CRCHUM) in the laboratory of A/Prof Andrés Finzi.

Her research interests include studying the molecular and structural biology of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 surface proteins – in particular, the structure-function analysis of viral glycoproteins and the impact on immunity. She also has a keen interest in understanding antibody functions and their role in immunity to infectious diseases as this is key to developing effective therapeutics. 

Annemarie is currently involved in the BDI project assessing dimeric IgA (dIgA) as potential therapeutics.

 Research outputs for Annemarie’s work can be found here.

  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology
  • International AIDS Society (IAS)
  • Jan 2023 – current: Senior Research Scientist – BDI – Burnet
  • Adjunct Research Fellow-Monash University Department of Immunology
  • Oct 2019 – Dec 2022: Senior Post-Doctoral Scientist – Finzi Laboratory – CRCHUM
  • Apr 2019 – Oct 2019: Post Doctoral Scientist, RMIT University
  • Jan 2018- Apr 2019: Post Doctoral Scientist, Burnet Institute
  • 2017: PhD University of Melbourne
  • 2019 - Mitacs Acceleration Fellowship