Staff, Students & Associates

The diverse range of laboratory research expertise, and technical skills and insight of public health professionals enables us to tackle a range of complex health issues.

Doctor Shahidul Islam

TB Specialist-Public Health

Aaron Osborne

Research Assistant

Adam Johnson

Research Assistant, Tachedjian Laboratory (Retroviral Biology and Antivirals)

Adam Hilton

Honours Student

Alicia Chenoweth

PhD student

Doctor Alisa Pedrana

EC Partnership Coordinator, NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Doctor Alyce Wilson

Senior Research Officer

Doctor Amanda Wade

PhD student

Amanda Fairbairn

Administration Officer

Amanda Benson

Program Manager, Maternal and Child Health

Amy Kirwan

Program Manager (Behaviours and Health Risks), Outreach Manager

An Le

Honours Student

Andrea Eakins

Personal Assistant to Director and CEO

Andrew Guy

PhD Student

Andrew Walter

Software Developer / System Administrator

Doctor Andy Poumbourios

Co-head, Drummer/Poumbourios Laboratory

Angela Davis

PhD Candidate

Angus Morgan

Senior Media and Communications Officer

Anita Cranwell

Human Resources Advisor

Anna Roberts

Executive Business & Programs Manager, Optima Consortium for Decision Science

Anna Bowring

PhD Student & Research Assistant

Doctor Anna Wilkinson

Research Fellow

Doctor Anna Hearps

Deputy Program Director, Healthy Ageing (Expansion Program)

Doctor Annemarie Laumaea

Post-Doc in the Infection, Inflammation and Innate Immunity Group

Arkasha Sadhewa

Masters Student

Arnis Stonis

Key Relationships Manager

Arzum Cubuk

Personal Assistant to Professor James Beeson

Ashleigh Stewart

PhD Candidate; Research Assistant

Ashley Sievwright

Donor Relations Officer

Ashley Lisboa-Pinto

Honours Student

Aung Lwin

Head of Finance - Burnet Myanmar

Doctor Aye Aye Myint

Senior Program Manager

Doctor Ben Coghlan

Program Director, Health Security (Expansion Program)

Doctor Berhan Ayele Haile

Research Officer

Doctor Betty Kouskousis

Specialist Microscopist

Doctor Bosco Ho

Senior Programmer

Professor Brendan Crabb AC

Director and CEO; Co-Head Malaria Research Laboratory; Chair, Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI)

Brendan Allen

Executive General Manager – Business Development

Doctor Brendan Quinn

Research Fellow

Brianna Jesaveluk

Honours Student

Doctor Bridget Williams

Public Health Registrar

Bridget Draper

Research Assistant

Brooke Vandenberg

International Health Project Officer

Bruce Parnell

Infectious Diseases and Health Systems Strengthening Specialist

Associate Professor Bruce Loveland

Head of Research Support & Facilities

Doctor Bruce Wines

Research Officer, Inflammation, Cancer and Infection

Burnet Institute

Caitlin Douglass

Research Assistant

Camilla Burkot

Project Officer – Health Information and Quality Improvement

Doctor Campbell Aitken

Research Fellow

Carol El-Hayek

Head of Surveillance and Evaluation

Caroline Taunton

Surveillance Officer | Master of Philosophy (Applied Epidemiology) Candidate

Professor Caroline Homer AO

Burnet Executive Team; Co-Program Director, Maternal and Child Health; Working Group Head

Caroline van Gemert

Epidemiologist/PhD Candidate

Doctor Cassandra Wright

Research Fellow

Associate Professor Catherine (Kate) Cherry

Burnet Staff Physician and Clinical Epidemiologist

Chad Johnson

Optical Microscopist

Chad Hughes

Deputy Program Director, Disease Elimination

Charlotte ten Have

Research Assistant

Charmaine To

Honours Student

Chelsea Leatham

Outreach Fieldworker

Doctor Chris Morgan

Head of International Development Discipline

Chris Phillips

Honours Student

Doctor Christian Kuschel

Health Modeller

Christine Langer

Laboratory Manager & Research Assistant, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies

Clarissa Moreira

Research Assistant

Doctor Clovis Palmer

Head, Palmer Laboratory, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Department of Infectious Diseases

Cristal Hall

Research Assistant

Doctor Damien Robert Drew

Senior Postdoctoral Research Officer, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies

Doctor Daniela van Santen

Postdoctoral fellow

Doctor Danielle Horyniak

NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow

David Tyssen

Research Officer, Tachedjian Laboratory (Retroviral Biology and Antivirals)

Associate Professor David Anderson

Deputy Director (Partnerships), Burnet Institute; Co-Head, Global Health Diagnostics Development

Professor David Wilson

Head of Infectious Disease Modelling

Doctor David Kedziora

Senior Research Officer – Computational Epidemic Modelling

David Delgado Diaz

PhD Student

Doctor Debra ten Brink

Research Assistant

Desmond Gul

PhD Student

Doctor Duc Minh Pham

Senior Research Officer

Elisha de Valle

PhD Student, Lymphocyte Biology Group

Doctor Elissa Kennedy

Program Director, Maternal and Child Health

Eliza Davidson

PhD Student

Doctor Elizabeth Peach

Research Project Manager, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies

Ella Cehun

Honours Student

Ellen Kearney

Honours Student

Ellen Mathieson

Laboratory Scientist

Emilia Simankowicz

Scientific Support Officer

Emma Woods

Research Assistant

Professor Eric Gowans

Honorary position

Erica McCormick

Research Assistant

Erin Davidson

Donor Relations Officer

Eva Orlowski-Oliver

Flow Cytomertrist

Felicia Schlotthauer

PhD Student

Doctor Frances Ampt

PhD Candidate

Associate Professor Freya J.I. Fowkes

Deputy Program Director, Maternal and Child Health

Doctor Gaoqian Feng

Postdoctoral Scientist, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies Laboratory

Doctor Gary Peter Jamieson

Facilities Officer

Professor Geoff Pietersz

Honorary Burnet Institute Senior Principal Fellow

Geoff Drenkhahn

Head, Business Development and Commercial Operations

Geoffrey Chan

International Health and Development Officer

Doctor George Chadderdon

Senior Research Officer

Geza Paukovics

AMREP Senior Flow Cytometrist

Gianna Robbers

International Health Project Officer/ Research Assistant

Professor Gilda Tachedjian

Head of Life Sciences; Head of Tachedjian Laboratory (Retroviral Biology and Antivirals)

Professor Gregory Tannock

Emeritus Professor, Burnet Institute Visiting Fellow

Doctor Greta E Weiss

Research Officer

Hannah Hartigan

Honours Student

Associate Professor Heidi E Drummer

Program Director, Disease Elimination; Co-Head, Drummer/Poumbourios Laboratory; Chair, Burnet Gender Equity Committee

Doctor Helen Zihui Wei

Research Officer

Doctor Herbert Opi

Postdoctoral Scientist

Hermine Lee

Honours Student

Doctor Hla Htay

Senior Technical Manager

Hui Ling Yeoh

BMedSc(Hons) Candidate

Huy Van

Research Assistant

Doctor I-Hao Cheng

Honorary Burnet Institute Fellow

Ian Briggs

Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology

Irene Boo

Research Assistant, Drummer/Poumbourios Laboratory

Doctor Jack Wallace

Senior Research Officer

Doctor Jack Richards

Group Head, NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Infectious Diseases Physician

Doctor Jacqueline Flynn

Honorary Burnet Institute Fellow; Research Officer, Gorry Laboratory (HIV Molecular Pathogenesis)

Doctor James Trauer

Public Health Physician

Doctor James McMahon

Research Fellow

Professor James Beeson

Deputy Director (People); Head of Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies Laboratory; Adjunct Professor Monash University

James Lawson

PNG Country Program Manager and Program Manager, Health Security

Doctor Jane Greig

Senior Operational Epidemiologist

Jason Asselin

Research Assistant

Jason Hearn

Donor Relations Officer

Jasper Cornish

PhD student

Doctor Jessica Howell

NHMRC Post Doctoral research fellow

Doctor Jo-Anne Chan

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Joey McGregor

PhD Student

John Tran

Honours Student

Doctor Joost W. Vanhommerig

Research Officer

Doctor Joseph Doyle

Deputy Program Director, Disease Elimination; Co-Head, Viral Hepatitis Research; NHMRC Clinical Research Fellow

Doctor Joshua Vogel

Principal Research Fellow

Doctor Joshua Hayward

Research Officer

Doctor Judy Gold

Senior Research Officer

Doctor Julia C. Cutts

Research Officer

Doctor Julian Elliott

HIV Clinical Advisor

Doctor Julie Yung-Hsuan Wang

Public Health Registrar

Julie Tartaggia

Program Manager, Lao PDR and the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)

Julie Wood

Manager, Trusts and Corporate Partnerships

Jun Gu

PhD student, Drummer/Poumbourios Laboratory

Jun-Ting Yeung

Honours Student

Kanchana Asokan

Honours Student

Kate Cantwell

PhD Student

Katherine O’Flaherty

PhD Candidate

Kathleen Ryan

PRONTO! Project Manager and PhD Candidate

Kelly Durrant

Program Manager, Maternal and Child Health

Kelsey Grantham

Epidemiological Modeller

Doctor Khai Lin Huang

Infectious Diseases Specialist

Khine Soe Lin

MSc (epidemiology) Student

Kico Chan

Research Nurse/ EC Nurse

Doctor Kudakwashe Chani

Field Team Leader, Daru, PNG

Doctor Kyu Kyu Than

Senior Technical Coordinator, Myanmar Program

Leanna Surrao

PhD candidate

Doctor Leanne Robinson

Senior Research Fellow and Research Group Leader

Lia Burns

Country Program Manager, Myanmar

Doctor Linda Reiling

Senior Research Officer, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies

Liriye Kurtovic

PhD Student

Lisa Willenberg

Adolescent Health Officer

Lisa Davidson

Deputy Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks; Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist

Liz Nicol

Personal Assistant

Liz Comrie-Thomson

Women's and Children's Health Specialist

Long Nguyen

Data Manager

Luxshimi Lal

Research Officer, Wright Group

Madeline Clarke


Doctor Magdaline Costa

Flow Cytometrist

Professor Margaret Hellard

Deputy Director (Programs); Adjunct Professor, Monash University, DEPM.

Doctor Margarete White

Manager, Occupational Health & Safety

Doctor Maria del Mar Quiroga

Research Officer, Infectious Disease Modelling

Mark Tennent

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Professor Mark A Stoové

Head of Public Health Discipline

Doctor Mark Minnery

Research Officer

Professor Mark Hogarth

Head, Immune Therapies Group

Mary Garcia

Co-Head, Global Health Diagnostics Laboratory

Mary-Ann Nicholas

Head, Project Management Office

Matt Gray

Senior IT Support Officer

Doctor Megan Lim

Honours Coordinator

Doctor Megan SC Lim

Deputy Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks; Preventive Health Research Fellow

Melissa Wright

EC Training and Education Coordinator

Michael Traeger

Research Assistant

Professor Michael Toole AM

Board member, Special Advisor on Nutrition

Michael Curtis

Research Assistant

Michelle Raggatt

Research Assistant

Doctor Michelle Gooey

Public Health Registrar

Doctor Michelle Scoullar

HMHB Principal Investigator; PhD candidate

Mikha Gabriela

PhD student

Mirja Hommel

Postdoctoral Scientist, Malaria Research: Immunity, Vaccines and New Therapies Laboratory

Doctor Monica J Barratt

Visiting Burnet Fellow; NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW

Naanki Pasricha

Program Manager, Disease Elimination

Nadine Barnes

Research Administrator, Research & Legal Office

Natalie Bartnik

Research Assistant

Ned Latham

Research Assistant

Doctor Nick Scott


Nisha Solanki

Direct Marketing Manager

Doctor Patricia Vietheer

Deputy Head, Project Management and Quality Assurance; Program Manager, Healthy Ageing

Paul Agius

Applied Statistician and Burnet Institute Senior Fellow

Paul Rathbone

Contact for Burnet's Privacy Policy

Paul Rathbone

Head, Public Affairs & Development; Government Relations

Doctor Paul Gilson

Group Head, and Head of Burnet Cell Imaging Facility

Professor Paul Dietze

Program Director, Behaviours and Health Risks

Paul Duffy

Human Resources Manager

Doctor Paul Sanders

Research Officer

Penny Hill

PhD Candidate; Research Assistant

Doctor Peter Azzopardi

Co-Head of Adolescent Health

Doctor Peter Higgs

Burnet Senior Fellow. Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health, La Trobe University

Peter Spiller

Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary

Peter McGlynn

PhD candidate

Doctor Philipp du Cros

Infectious Diseases Specialist, TB Elimination and Implementation Science

Doctor Philippe Boeuf

Senior Research Officer

Doctor Phone Myint Win

Myanmar Country Representative

Doctor Rachel Sacks-Davis

Research Officer

Doctor Raffi Gugasyan

Education Officer, Chair of Research Students Committee, Coordinator of Higher Degrees by Research

Doctor Raffi Gugasyan

Head of Lymphocyte Biology Group (Gugasyan Laboratory)

Doctor Rebecca Winter

Research Officer

Reception @ Burnet


Reece Cossar

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical and Forensic) Candidate; Research Assistant

Doctor Ricardo Ataíde

Research Officer

Riya Palchaudhuri

PhD Student

Doctor Rob J Center

Senior Research Officer

Professor Robert Power

Head of International Operations

Robert Milne

Burnet Institute Chair

Rodney Stewart

Project Manager - PNG Country Program

Romain Ragonnet

PhD Student

Doctor Romesh Abeysuriya

Senior Research Officer – Computational Epidemic Modelling

Associate Professor Rose Ffrench

Principal Fellow, Head of Viral Immunology Laboratory

Doctor Rowan Martin-Hughes

Senior Research Officer

Sally von Bibra

Research Officer

Sam Hainsworth

Epidemiological modeller

Doctor Sara Canavati

Senior Research Scientist, Honorary Burnet Institute Fellow

Sarah Lee

Research Assistant

Serina Cucuzza

Executive General Manager, Commercial Strategy, Intellectual Property and External Affairs

Shaun Coutts

Surveillance Officer / Applied Epidemiology Scholar

Shelley Walker

Research Assistant / PhD student

Doctor Sherrie Kelly

Applications Team Lead

Shuning Zheng

Research Assistant

Sieyin Phung

Project Manager, and Education & Training

Sophia Schröder

Research Assistant

Sophie Montag

Research Assistant, Tachedjian Laboratory (Retroviral Biology and Antivirals)

Associate Professor Stanley Luchters

Women’s and Children’s Health Specialist

Stelliana Goutzamanis

PhD student

Stephanie Li

Honours Student

Stephanie Luketic

Marketing and Events Officer

Stephanie Main

Project Officer

Professor Steve Graham

Senior Principal Research Fellow

Steven Lim

Flow Cytometrist

Stormie De Groot

Honours Student

Doctor Suman Majumdar

Deputy Program Director (Health Security)

Professor Suzanne Crowe AM

Program Director, Healthy Ageing (Expansion Program); NHMRC Principal Research Fellow

Doctor Tafireyi Marukutira

PhD Student & Research Assistant

Doctor Tara Purcell

Public Health Registrar

Tegan Lake

Honours Student

Tess Keam

Social Worker

Thuy Chao

Administration Officer

Tim Spelman


Tina Falla


Tope Adepoyibi

International Health and Development Specialist – TB

Tracy Parish

Head, Communications

Usha Savur

Accounts Officer

Vanessa Veronese

PhD Candidate and NHMRC Postgraduate research scholar

Vani Geetha

PhD Candidate

Xi Zen Yap

PhD Student

Yasmin Mohamed

Women's and Children's Health Officer

Doctor Yinzong Xiao

PhD Student

Contact Details

Reception @ Burnet