Burnet Diagnostics Initiative (BDI)

Director: Jennifer Barnes; Scientific Director: Professor Heidi Drummer


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BDI is a commitment by Burnet Institute to develop the systems, resources, and processes to support diagnostics product development and enhance translation of its point-of-care diagnostics research into practical health solutions.

The majority of people living in rural and remote areas of the developing world have limited access to testing. There is a clear need for the development of simple, low-cost and accurate tests that are essential to improving the health of poor and vulnerable communities.

BDI is filling this gap for rapid point-of-care diagnostics that can be operated in the field without the expensive infrastructure of traditional diagnostics.

We will translate existing and new technologies to health solutions and maximise their accessibility to vulnerable populations especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Staff Members

  • Doctor Ewa Michalak

    Doctor Ewa Michalak
    Commercialisation Project Manager

  • Doctor Fan Li

    Doctor Fan Li
    Research and Development Project Manager

  • Doctor Felicia  Schlotthauer

    Doctor Felicia Schlotthauer
    Quality Assurance Officer

  • Professor Heidi Drummer

    Professor Heidi Drummer
    Co-Program Director, Disease Elimination; Scientific Director, Burnet Diagnostics Initiative; Head, Global Health Diagnostics Development Laboratory; Co-Head, Drummer/Poumbourios Laboratory

  • Doctor Helen  Zihui Wei

    Doctor Helen Zihui Wei
    Research Officer

  • Huy Van

    Huy Van
    Senior Development Scientist, Global Health Diagnostics

  • Jennifer Barnes

    Jennifer Barnes
    Director, Burnet Diagnostics Initiative

  • Sarah Hess

    Sarah Hess
    Laboratory Technician

  • Shuning  Zheng

    Shuning Zheng
    Research Assistant

  • Stephanie Routley

    Stephanie Routley
    Research Officer

  • Doctor Thomas Mikeska

    Doctor Thomas Mikeska
    Quality Systems Manager, Burnet Diagnostics Initiative