Global Health: policy, practice and community action

Co-Heads: Lisa Davidson and Chad Hughes.


To achieve greater equity in health within vulnerable communities requires an urgent need to develop and promote new strategies, tools and policies.

Burnet is working with many communities to better understand and address the underlying factors that prevent access to crucial health care services such as family planning, postnatal and newborn care, vaccination, HIV prevention, care and support and nutrition.

The Global Health: policy, practice and community action Group contributes to:

  • Improving sexual and reproductive health for men and women
  • Advancement of gender equality, and prevention of gender-based violence
  • Increasing the capacity of health professionals, researchers, policy makers through education and training
  • Strengthening health systems so that they are more responsive to the health needs of individuals and communities
  • Empowering communities to improve health seeking behaviours and health literacy


The Global Health: policy, practice and community action working groups works to achieve better health outcomes for vulnerable communities by:

  • Strengthening health systems
  • Improving service delivery
  • Empowering communities


  • Accelerating access to postnatal care and chlorhexidine in PNG

  • Accelerating healthy agriculture and nutrition

  • Accelerating Immunisation and Health System Strengthening (AIHSS)

  • Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

  • HMHB - Health Services for Postnatal and Infancy Care

  • Improved point-of-care test to eliminate congenital syphilis

  • Integrated solutions for healthy birth, growth, and development in Lao PDR

  • SRHIP: Sexual & Reproductive Health Integration Project

  • The Mbereko + Men Model: Rural Zimbabwe

  • West Sepik Covid-19 Vaccination Advocacy Project

Staff Members

  • Abdul Haseeb Memon

    Abdul Haseeb Memon
    Project Accountant

  • Anna Roberts

    Anna Roberts
    Senior Project Manager

  • Beverly Anea

    Beverly Anea
    Finance and Admin Officer

  • Brooke Vandenberg

    Brooke Vandenberg
    International Health Project Officer

  • Chad Hughes

    Chad Hughes
    Head, International Development; Regional Director, Mekong Region

  • Dean Cassano

    Dean Cassano
    Research Assistant

  • Lisa Davidson

    Lisa Davidson
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist

  • Mathew  Rafa

    Mathew Rafa
    Security and Driver

  • Parker  Franck  Hou

    Parker Franck Hou
    Key Populations Training Officer, SRHIP

  • Shan  Huang

    Shan Huang
    Global Health Specialist

  • Stella Yuangrun

    Stella Yuangrun
    Health Educator

  • Wenceslaus  Kolwon

    Wenceslaus Kolwon
    Project Officer